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Truth about Goan Politicians



My thoughts on computer hacking :   Hackers are sodomites.  A sodomite is a male who desires to know another male.  He will read another's diary (personal  journal of thoughts) without his permission,  seeking to know him.  (Unlike a male who  reads another male's journal seeking to find  the secret formula for a new kind of laser  weapon.  Still, why does he not simply ask?  Why do spies in movies always assume the  target will not share?  If only you had asked,  but now are we enemies, and behold, I tell  everybody how to build it .. out of spite..)  How like Ham who sought to uncover Noah,  when Noah was drunk?   But sometimes, you know another,  or know another better, though you  desire not to.  That is a consequence  of friendship.  (Why would any desire  to be friends with fallen man?)  They  who keep his commandments, desire  to know Him, or desire to know Him better. It is written that the souls of  David and Jonathan were KNIT together.  Such was their friendship.  It is not  written how they felt about that.  They even wore each other's clothes  as if they had one body.  And when Johnathan fell asleep (died) the son of Johnathan  was summoned to see the King.  And  Johnathan's son thought David was going  to have him put to death.  The point being,  they kept out of each others' private lives  as good friends do, respecting boundaries.   The word is KNOW, and not have sex with.  They who pervert the words of the Living God,  endanger lives.  Oh, so you do not wish to $%%^  me, only do you enquire after my name, my hobbies,  likes, dislikes, etc. as stalkers, and they on first  dates, are prone to doing - well my pastor sees nothing wrong with that, so.. by the way, have you met my wife and kids?  Again, the word is KNOW. There are various degrees of knowing another.  It is why persons leave small towns.  See movie,  Sweet Home Alabama.   When you feel like you have to give up information  about yourself, to receive better service, well, that  seems wrong.  Help Wanted.  OK, fill out this form.  In the movie, Benny and June, he gives up and walks  away.   Yes, terrorists (mad bombers) desire privacy.  But it seems wrong to label them who desire  privacy, terrorists.  That's the old hag's place -  she's a witch :  Comments like that, is why persons  leave, smalltowns..

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You bastard cries yes yes I am

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Omg I watched Bastard from the same person AMAZING and SOO intense. Thaigamehorror YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! This Webtoon Comic...blown my mind away... Cheers to the creator of this awesome comic... Wait who was the girl at the window can i embed these videos LINE WEBTOOn on my site.._?_ anyone can help https://hekoshikizo.amebaownd.com/posts/5735169 FINALLY FOUND THIS MOVIE propurchaser.com/forums/topic/hoyopploselig-mrs-tam-tam-last-ned-film-streaming-video-180.

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